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What did Henrik Ibsen tell Edvard Munch about light bulbs and fishermen?

      A Norwegian joke.

What do you call a guy who puts on bowling shoes to go jogging?

      A running joke.

What do you call a guy who can’t admit he likes Gucci leather underwear?

      An in-joke.

What do you call MSG in a London cooking class?


      A tasteless joke.

Where was it in relation to a midnight dreary, once?



Occasionally the WordPress Blog Stats will provide something of interest. Today it turns out that someone searched for “box of smut” and came upon my humble blog.

It is hard to overstate what disappointment might have befallen this poor individual. And so, in the interest of multiplying the disappointment of smut-seekers worldwide, I offer this blog post. If you are searching for smut and have wound up here, you must really not know how to use the internet.

But it does remind me of that classic Tom Lehrer line — “I do have a cause, though. It is obscenity … I’m for it.”