For Sara — a link to the recipe my Mom used for Gravad Lax. I recommend freezing the salmon in a very cold freezer for a few days as part of the preparation ( helps kill the parasites ).

Here’s the Crystallize effect from iMovie 6.0.3 with an interpolator added to the radius, starring Zeke.


Another New Year’s card find — this time from 1996, Year of the Rat. As with the previous card, this one is done with Print Gocco

New Year's Card 1996

Fiction by Vermin Vesse / Interview with Ratbert
The Ratlantic Mousely
January 1996
The New Underground Economy

The Economouse
Rodents In Congress
Taxes – Paying the Piper
Minnie Breweries
Happy Year of the Rat


Found this while cleaning up some junk today. 2002 was, of course, the Year of the Horse.
New Year's Card 2002

Staffan feels the XKCD influence:

Extra Extra

All in all, I say “Bravo” to Sid the Science Kid.

Aina Explains Anatomy

I … Love … This … Language !!!

YouTube – Mad About English! – Official Theatrical Trailer 2008: “”

(Via Language Log.)

Seattle Opera Blog with Perry Lorenzo

Lots of good stuff at the Seattle Opera blog showing various aspects of the production of Midsummer Night’s Dream that Staffan is in. There’s some video, some slide shows, and especially some enlightening commentary about other productions and how this one compares.

The show is through April 5 at the Meydenbauer Theatre in Bellevue.

Here’s a link from the past: a review of MIT Dramashop‘s 1984 performance of The Long Voyage Home, in which I play a Soon-to-be Shanghaied Swedish sailor.

My Congregation, Prince of Peace Lutheran in Shoreline, voted today to become a Reconciling in Christ congregation. Yay us!