The Miner's Donkey

This is a print by Joseph L. Teeters called The Miner’s Donkey. My father got it from our neighbor in 1977, who apparently got it directly from the artist in exchange for some books. Teeters was apparently then on the faculty of University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, and authored a book, Creating Tesselations.

Staffan and I went looking for any reference to this print on the internet, and we found none. So, this is perhaps the interwebs debut of this particular work. If anyone has more details about the artist, please pass them along.


Aina’s drawings of some characters from The Pink Panther.

A few years ago we did a project with the Sunday School class doing a video for Pentecost. It holds up pretty well after a few years. Enjoy.

The Prince of Peace Pentecost video

Aina\'s Rutabaga song

Something I’ve been meaning to put up for a while: Its the promotional campaign for Office for Mac 2008 Business Edition in Japan. The text reads

やるね〜 ビジネス ( It really does it ~ Business )


ファミリー & アカデミック もあるね〜  ( There’s also the Family & Academic version )

やるね〜 ビジネス!

If Benjamin Franklin was correct when he said “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” then I’m thinking that God was less than 100% enthusiastic about the slug.

On that note, here’s Aina’s lunch box note for July 30, 2010:

A photo of the geekiest, rarest, and only item in my beer bottle collection. Yes, From the 1988 Device Research Conference, it is Device Research Brew.

Aina was very excited to find a snail. She calls it “Lovely”.


Seems like this one is called a Grove Snail, or “Banded Wood Snail”

Recently, the Hellman house has been singing the Groceries’ Part of the New America. Staffan has been picking out tune on the piano, and Aina has enjoyed saying that she has a practical, economical compact car, and that she stays away from imports and two seaters.

So join us for a good eye-winkingly sardonic romp through the 1982 pre-alternative New Hope music scene. Or, for those of you sufficiently advanced in both age and musical taste, a stroll down memory lane…

Part of the New America