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Cole Hamels has been traded to the Rangers, so It’s a good day to wear this one:

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Hamels was on the mound for the World Series Game #3 in 2009.  Phillies lost to the Yankees, 8-5, despite two Jayson Werth Home runs.  Not his most memorable game, but memorable nonetheless.

I was reminded of this game rather vividly recently, because shortly after the game ended, Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton was killed.  Five and a half years after that, dashcam video of other officers responding to the scene was played in court where I was a juror, and the background audio contained a sports radio rundown of the game interspersed with frantic police radio communications.  Because I remember that game, I remember exactly where I was that night, making the experience of being a juror that much odder.

In any case, Cole, as I heard far too often while I was on jury duty, “Thanks for your service!”.  You’ll always be a Phillie in my heart.

I learned the story today of Johnny Bright, one of the best football players ever. (Yes, American football). As a senior at Drake University, Bright’s team played against Oklahoma A&M on October 20, 1951 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. On the first play he was on the field, he was attacked by the Aggies’ Wilbanks Smith, who fractured Bright’s jaw with a dirty and devastating blow. The sequence of photos which showed that the injury was result of a deliberate attack and not just a football injury won a Pulitzer Prize for John Robinson and Don Ultang of the Des Moines Register.

Drake and Oklahoma A&M were then part of the Missouri Valley Conference. Drake left the conference shortly after the incident, and Oklahoma A&M became Oklahoma State and joined the Big 12. Of course, this doesn’t prevent the Missouri Valley Conference from trying to rewrite history. Go to the MVC web page about Johnny Bright and you won’t see a trace of this story of brutality. You wouldn’t have the slightest notion that Bright was the first Black player to play football against Oklahoma A&M, or that the attack on Bright was a simple, brutal case of racism played out on the football field.

I’m looking forward to the Hollywood version, so that the story of Johnny Bright won’t be forgotten.

Thanks to Frank Fitzpatrick in “small-screening the local sports scene“:

Fox’s Best Damn Sports Show Period remains the most inappropriately named television show since The Lee Greenwood Special.


The Philly Phanatic is the best of the sports mascots, kind of ironic for the reputation that Philadelphia fans have. And today was his last birthday at Veterans’ Stadium. Kevin Millwood celebrated with a no-hitter.

The Phillies are tied with Atlanta and Montreal for first place in the NL East. But they’ve played the harder schedule, sweeping Colorado and Taking 2 of 3 from the Giants while Atlanta has been beating up on Milwaukee and St. Louis and Montreal has been playing against Arizona and Houston. With the new veterans David Bell, Jim Thome and Kevin Millwood on the team, I think the Phils will avoid their traditional September phold and hang on to win the pennant.

Phils score 13 runs in one inning, While the Mariners pull out a win with a sayonara home run by Bret Boone in the 13th. On April 13th. It’s a good day for the number 13.