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Kung-Tunes is a widget for making your iTunes recently played items into html. Pointless and egotistical, but here it is.

Here’s a tip if your song titles use a foreign character set: Kung-Tunes produces a UTF-8 encoded file, so you can add this:

meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF8

to the “header” pane of the “formats” dialog to help web browsers render the text correctly.


A little smaller than I expected, but a very pleasant computer sales experience. It’s great to see all the products side by side for comparison shopping, especially the different sizes of Apple flat panel displays. I was also impressed by the sales staff. Plenty of people available and very friendly.

Next door to the Apple Store was the Gap, with a large sign hanging in the window advertising cotton drawstring pants with the tag line “Quick Draw”. Coincidence?

Chuq points to this wonderful page in the blog of Michael Barrish. I completely agree. Yes, I’d hire him.

This page shows an error that Adobe can’t be very proud of. Can you spot the error?


My son Staffan was asking me for some addition problems a few months ago. I gave him a CD with 5 songs on it and asked him to add up the times of all the tracks on it. After about two minutes he came back to me and complained: “Daddy — this problem has a problem. If I follow the instructions, it gets all wrong. See, I added up the numbers in the tens column and I get an 8, which is strange because the total time shouldn’t be 14 minutes and 83 seconds, because thats more than a minute. The answer is really 15 minutes and 23 seconds.”

I showed him this graph and asked him what the numbers on the bottom meant. After a minute, he said “Heyyy, there’s something missing somewhere”. He’s 5. Someone at Adobe is ought to be really embarrassed.