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for McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin: it’s all part of a new fundraising strategy mixing product placement into the political campaign: From now on, she will be staying exclusively at Holiday Inn Express.

Eric Kleefeld on John McCain’s strategy: “What is he gonna do? Accuse Barack Obama of fathering two black children?’

Talking Points Memo | Olympic Shark Jumping

I knew that Facebook has advertising that is targeted at your personal information, but there’s a certain hard cold truth that must be faced when I see this:


Sometimes, I feel humbled by the wisdom of computers.  Witness how Safari AutoFill populated the “Employer” field here:

Safari AutoFill

So I got a Facebook friend invite from someone i don’t think I know at all, and I know none of the friends in her list of friends. Her picture shows her with a young (3-4 year old) child. So I wrote back “Is that my son in the picture?”

If I get a response, I’ll be sure to post it.


Update:  I guess she didn’t quite get the joke.  Oh well.  Apparently Tomo’s friends thought the story was hilarious, though.

They say that sports fans in Philadelphia are unforgiving…

Here’s a screen capture from the site


Did you know that Penguins used to live in the Arctic as well as the Antarctic? It’s true. But the ones in the Arctic died out. They had bipolar disorder.