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Would old taxation be forgone
and sequestration spawn?
The Congress blurts out “No!” but, then
our Senate flibusters on.
To the 1% have ye sold your soul
ye cannot bear to think
of Reagan era taxation rates
Instead of the fiscal cliff?

Over the fiscal cliff we go
Over the fiscal cliff
Our Congress sucks, let’s send those fucks
Over the fiscal cliff!


A few years ago we did a project with the Sunday School class doing a video for Pentecost. It holds up pretty well after a few years. Enjoy.

The Prince of Peace Pentecost video

Something I’ve been meaning to put up for a while: Its the promotional campaign for Office for Mac 2008 Business Edition in Japan. The text reads

やるね〜 ビジネス ( It really does it ~ Business )


ファミリー & アカデミック もあるね〜  ( There’s also the Family & Academic version )

やるね〜 ビジネス!

If Benjamin Franklin was correct when he said “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” then I’m thinking that God was less than 100% enthusiastic about the slug.

On that note, here’s Aina’s lunch box note for July 30, 2010:

Another New Year’s card find — this time from 1996, Year of the Rat. As with the previous card, this one is done with Print Gocco

New Year's Card 1996

Fiction by Vermin Vesse / Interview with Ratbert
The Ratlantic Mousely
January 1996
The New Underground Economy

The Economouse
Rodents In Congress
Taxes – Paying the Piper
Minnie Breweries
Happy Year of the Rat

I … Love … This … Language !!!

YouTube – Mad About English! – Official Theatrical Trailer 2008: “”

(Via Language Log.)

What did Henrik Ibsen tell Edvard Munch about light bulbs and fishermen?

      A Norwegian joke.

What do you call a guy who puts on bowling shoes to go jogging?

      A running joke.

What do you call a guy who can’t admit he likes Gucci leather underwear?

      An in-joke.

What do you call MSG in a London cooking class?


      A tasteless joke.

Where was it in relation to a midnight dreary, once?


Video for the day. Staffan loved it. I loved it.


Occasionally the WordPress Blog Stats will provide something of interest. Today it turns out that someone searched for “box of smut” and came upon my humble blog.

It is hard to overstate what disappointment might have befallen this poor individual. And so, in the interest of multiplying the disappointment of smut-seekers worldwide, I offer this blog post. If you are searching for smut and have wound up here, you must really not know how to use the internet.

But it does remind me of that classic Tom Lehrer line — “I do have a cause, though. It is obscenity … I’m for it.”

Boing Boing has a little game going in this thread — We can has games – Boing Boing: The idea being to write something on one of the standard Boing Boing themes.

I really should have worked on that design document instead, but oh well… not bad for an hour’s work. Here’s my entry :

`Twas Xeni, and the pesk of wits
Hid schneier and battelle in the make:
All cory were the jackinjills,
For the felder frau enrake.
We bare the Jardinsex, my Sis,
The punks that steam, the cats that lol!
We bare the BeeBee butt, and diss
The zuneious Craphound mall!'
She took her drupal script with tea,
Long time the lessig foe she wrought --
Podcasted she for BoingBoing tv,
And blogged a bit for nought.
And, as in breslin prose she squid,
The Jardinsex, with gama game,
Came hacking through the comic vid,
And dropping not a frame!
It's diffed, it's daft! through chore and craft
The drupaled text had wit and whack!
She got it grrrld, and with it urled
She permalinked her stack.
'Have you defrocked the Jardinsex?
Strum on my uke, my jesting Jill!
O roq la rue! Audrey! Adieu!'
She twittered back a thrill.
`Twas Xeni, and the pesk of wits
Hid schneier and battelle in the make:
All cory were the jackinjills,
For the felder frau enrake."

So far the early competition is a great parody of “My Favorite Things”, which is even funnier if you actually sing it. I’ll bet there will be plenty more.