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If Benjamin Franklin was correct when he said “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” then I’m thinking that God was less than 100% enthusiastic about the slug.

On that note, here’s Aina’s lunch box note for July 30, 2010:


A photo of the geekiest, rarest, and only item in my beer bottle collection. Yes, From the 1988 Device Research Conference, it is Device Research Brew.

For Sara — a link to the recipe my Mom used for Gravad Lax. I recommend freezing the salmon in a very cold freezer for a few days as part of the preparation ( helps kill the parasites ).

How can Black Swan Chipotle Dressing be so good?

Recently, I can feel satisfied eating just a salad — romaine, tomato, red pepper and maybe some mushrooms or some cheese crumbles — but I simply must have the chipotle dressing. Its spicy enough for me that I can’t put an unhealthy amount of dressing on, and its flavorful enough that I feel like I’m eating a feast.

Or maybe a better question: why are most other salad dressings so uninspiring?