Cole Hamels has been traded to the Rangers, so It’s a good day to wear this one:

IMG 3914

Hamels was on the mound for the World Series Game #3 in 2009.  Phillies lost to the Yankees, 8-5, despite two Jayson Werth Home runs.  Not his most memorable game, but memorable nonetheless.

I was reminded of this game rather vividly recently, because shortly after the game ended, Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton was killed.  Five and a half years after that, dashcam video of other officers responding to the scene was played in court where I was a juror, and the background audio contained a sports radio rundown of the game interspersed with frantic police radio communications.  Because I remember that game, I remember exactly where I was that night, making the experience of being a juror that much odder.

In any case, Cole, as I heard far too often while I was on jury duty, “Thanks for your service!”.  You’ll always be a Phillie in my heart.