I guessed 371, it turns out to be 365. Not a landslide but nt a squeaker, either. I simply cannot believe that Indiana voted for Obama. Perhaps it was the basketball effect.

In the aftermath of the election there’s a lot of discussion about why America voted the way it did. Was it a vote against Bush or just a vote for change? Was it a vote for higher taxes or for lower taxes? Was it a vote for peace or a vote for more war in Afghanistan?

The best line I heard was from Bob Herbert: “Voters said no to incompetence and divisiveness” That pretty much sums up my vote in a nutshell.

The most clueless line I heard was Senator McConnell saying “I think there will be substantial opposition to moving America dramatically to the left, higher taxes, more regulation, more litigation, the whole kind of laundry list of left wing proposals”

Um, note to Senator McConnell: Obama only proposed raising taxes on people earning $250,000 or more. And guess what? Obama won that demographic 52-48. So if you actually look at the numbers, rich people in fact voted to give themselves a tax increase.