Staffan and I spent the morning yesterday kayaking and snorkeling off the South Kohala coast, and it was fabulous. The water was extremely calm, and amazingly clear. The variety of fish was outstanding. And the coral itself was stunning, in any number of colors and shapes.

One unexpected bit was that the water actually got colder as you got closer to the shore in some places, because of the natural feed of freshwater streams along the shore. And you could see the saltwater and freshwater mixing, because it would occasionally blur the view of the bottom. And of course, it is only cold by Big Island standards. By Seattle standards, the freshwater was warm, and the ocean water was warmer.

I can heartily recommend Shawn at Kohala Kayak, who set us up with equipment and took us out to the best spots along the reef, and pointed out the whales in the distance and the celebrity homes on the shore.