Staffan has a blog. Part of the blog strategy is to get Staffan to write more: we’ve had great success with homeschooling, but Staffan ought to write more, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to encourage with this blog thing. Another part of the strategy could also be to outsource the writing instruction bit: if people read the blog and comment on it: Staffan will be getting feedback on his writing from a wider range of readers, which is exactly the kind of thing which is hard to do as a homeschooling family.

In any case, here’s the link: it is

The dilemma we have now is that we’d like to have Staffan use his email more, but we also don’t want him flooded with spam, especially the tasteless kind. So for the time being, we having him publish my email address on his site, and I get to forward things to him. We’ll see how that goes.