More catching up: Back in January, Staffan won first prize in the Martin Luther King Jr. “Prodigies for Peace” Essay Contest in the 3rd-5th grade division. Here’s his essay:

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.

His dream was that black people are treated just like white people,
with equal racial rights.

I have a dream, too.

For myself: I want to have wisdom, so that I can tell what is right and

For my family: That we all can be silly and loving anytime, anyplace
and anywhere.

For my school: That all of us can be friends, and say “Hi” to each

For my community: That all of us are safe, and no one gets hurt.

For my environment: That all people recycle, so that the trees and the ocean
are safe.

For my world: That there is no war, and when we have a problem, we can
talk instead of fighting.

He got to read his essay at the Martin Luther King Worship Celebration in Everett in January. Way to go, Staffan!