From a wonderful review (which includes more on Justice Breyer and Dr. Seuss ) of Supreme Court arguments in Lawrence v. Texas, i.e. the sodomy case. Charles Rosenthal is the Attorney representing Texas:

…the petitioners — Lawrence and gay-rights advocates — never even proved they were gay. (A general and slightly disbelieving gasp from the audience greeted that remark.) We have no objection to gay people in Texas, Rosenthal said. We have a hate-crimes law and everything. We’re not banning a class of people, which would be prohibited under Romer, we’re simply banning an act. We prohibit anyone — not just gay people but heterosexuals as well — from doing the deed with someone of the same sex.

Now that’s entertainment! No doubt that Texas also has a law which bans people (even those who are over 21) from being underage while drinking alcohol, a law which bans people (even whites) from “driving while black” , and a law which allows employers to fire people ( even men ) who take time off from their jobs to have a baby.

Makes me think of The Simpsons “Who shot Mr Burns?” episode where the police sergeant says ” No jury would ever convict a baby of murder … well, maybe Texas.”