This page shows an error that Adobe can’t be very proud of. Can you spot the error?


My son Staffan was asking me for some addition problems a few months ago. I gave him a CD with 5 songs on it and asked him to add up the times of all the tracks on it. After about two minutes he came back to me and complained: “Daddy — this problem has a problem. If I follow the instructions, it gets all wrong. See, I added up the numbers in the tens column and I get an 8, which is strange because the total time shouldn’t be 14 minutes and 83 seconds, because thats more than a minute. The answer is really 15 minutes and 23 seconds.”

I showed him this graph and asked him what the numbers on the bottom meant. After a minute, he said “Heyyy, there’s something missing somewhere”. He’s 5. Someone at Adobe is ought to be really embarrassed.