I’ve been pretty critical of Presidient Bush, and he deserves it more than ever. He’s managed to turn worldwide sympathy for the US after 9/11 into loathing. He has managed to bungle the weapons inspectors mission, as now everyone knows that Bush never wanted the inspectors to succeed in promoting disarmament: they were just there to fill time so that Bush had time to mobilize the armed forces, and as a result the UN feels abused by the US and has begun the slow slide towards irrelevance. And more than likely, the coming war will only increase the rise Islamic militarism across the world, and removing Saddam from power will do little to free Iraq from a corrupt government.

But Saddam Hussein is also due for a creativity check. He had so much material to work with. He could have played the reasonable statesman. He could have gone to New York and addressed the UN asking for someone to talk sense to the madman in the White House. He could have left Iraq to go on ‘vacation’, thereby thumbing his nose at Bush. He could have gotten an interview on Letterman:

Dave : You know the joke about how only 8% of Americans can identify Iraq on a map?

Saddam : I didn’t think it was joke. I thought it was true.

Dave : Well, yes it is true, but the joke is that all 8% are Marines

Saddam : Too bad they couldn’t find Iran back in ’79.

But Saddam has done nothing to undermine Bush on the publicity front. It has been all denouncing Bush and readying for war, as if either will do him any good. So here we have leaders of Iraq and America with nothing more creative to do than take off their gloves and get ready for the fistfight. So, although much of America is ashamed to have such a shortsighted cowboy in the White House, I’ll bet many Iraqis feel the same way about their own cowboy.