It’s good to know that worshippers in the United States have many choices in how to express their various faiths. Everyone needs to have the right place to grow in one’s relationship to God, and as we are a diverse lot, so too should we have a diverse lot of churches with differing worship styles.

Today we were invited to the dedication of our family friend’s son to the church — not quite a baptism but with the same sort of feel. The service took place in the “Contemporary” version of the liturgy. It is common these days for a congregation to be split along the lines of musical style — the traditional wing with its 18th century style hymns and the contemporary wing comprising the guitar and tambourine crowd. I noted that the sign outside the church didn’t use the “Contemporary” label for this service, but instead listed its schedule as

Eucharist – 8 am
Celebration Eucharist – 10 am

as if the 18th century just didn’t know how to party. Which brings me to comment that at least the 10 am service can celebrate that they were able to sleep past 8 am. No wonder the young people in the congregation don’t show for the 8 am service.

Now, I don’t object to the music in the contemporary service, but I feel like it fits in with drinking Heineken around a campfire toasting marshmallows on Saturday night telling the Shadrack Meshack and Abednego story about the burning fiery furnace. It doesn’t fit a Sunday morning worship where the Bible reading was about Abraham ready to kill his own son Isaac for the glory of God.

In any case, I have felt for awhile now that I needed a term to describe how I feel about the contemporary service, and this morning, I found it — “Three Chord Christianity”. It might work for some people all of the time, and it might work for me some of the time, but its not enough to get me out of bed on a Sunday.