Staffan filled out his first bracket today. All in all, a sound set of selections, but by the time we got to the East bracket, he was tired of being rational, and decided to pick Penn all the way. Sure, I too picked Penn to get by Oklahoma State and Syracuse, but the Ivy stops there, losing to St.Joes in a Big 5 showdown.

I’ve got Kentucky, Illinois, Maryland and Oklahoma in the Final Four. Staffan has Pittsburgh, Arizona, Texas and Penn.

Other big upsets: I’ve got Wisconsin-Milwaukee over Notre Dame, Central Michigan over Creighton, Alabama over Indiana, ASU winning three games until they reach Illinois, LSU to topple Texas and Mississippi St. over Louisville. Illinois wins it all.

Staffan picks Weber State in the first round over Wisconsin, ASU to win its first two, losing to Duke. Xavier over Florida is his only upset call in the South. He has NC State over Cal and Auburn over St. Joes. Penn beats out Pittsburgh in his Keystone final.