What exactly does “Support Our Troops” mean? It seems to be the slogan for the pro-war folks, but I can’t see why. If anything, “supporting the troops” would involve trying to keep them out of a war zone, but the slogan seems to mean the opposite.

The best meaning I can find is “Please pray for the safe return of the troops”. or “Please appreciate the risks being taken by the troops.” But both of these tend towards an anti-war sentiment. All the pro-war interpretations ring false, as in

“Please help send the troops to war so they can feel valuable”

“Please cheer the troops as they depart to kill people in your name”

“Please don’t humanize the enemy. This will make it more difficult for the troops to drop bombs on them”

The pro-war folk need a better slogan. “Nuke Iraq” may sound crass, but it is short and sweet and rings true.